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Guaíba, Brazil.

Guaíba, Brazil.

Guaíba is a city located in the Metropolitan Porto Alegre of Porto Alegre, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The city is on the shores of the Guaíba Lake.
n the current territory of the municipality of Guaíba there have been archeological discoveries of elements representing Guaraní culture, the oldest found in the region. These indigenous settlements would have been settled between 10000 and 6000 BCE (Laroque 2002).
There is conclusive evidence of multiple conflicts between the indigenous peoples of the area and the colonial-era Portuguese on the land where Guaíba currently stands, with the indigenous incurring substantial losses while trying to defend their land.
The border disputes in between the Spanish and Portugueses thrones also involved the strategic land on which Guaíba now sits. The Portuguese had used a system of quickly distributing land to new settlers called the sesmaria in what was considered contested territory, but the new beneficiaries of this system helped Portugal consolidated rule over what is now Rio Grande do Sul.
Guaíba is located on the west side of the Guaíba, a lake which receives five rivers and carries them towards the Atlantic Ocean via the Lagoa dos Patos. It is also at the crossroad of two federal highways that link Brazil with Argentina and Uruguay, putting it at advantage for investments that seek to target the market of these Mercosul nations. The city is less than thirty minutes from Salgado Filho International Airport, which allows quick access for interests of agribusiness, industry, tourism and commerce.
The territory of Guaíba is mostly flat and close to the lake, but there are a few noteworthy hills.
The climate of Guaíba is subtropical, but the seasons are strongly distinguished, with a remarkable heat in the summer and fairly moderate winters. Approximately 1400 mm of precipitation falls annually, although in the summer the Guaíba lake often ends up receding below normal levels.



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