Saturday, January 25, 2014

Southern England:

Southern England

Southern England, the South and the South of England are imprecise terms that refer to the southern counties of England that border the English Midlands. A number of different interpretations describe its geographic extents. Many consider the South a cultural region, with a distinct identity from the rest of England—but without universal agreement on what the special cultural, political, and economic characteristics of the South are, nor even on its geographical limits. For government purposes, Southern England is divided in South West England, South East England, London, and the East of England. Combined, these have a total area of 62,042 square kilometres, and a population of 26 million.People often apply the term "southern" loosely, without deeper consideration of the geographical identities of Southern England. This can cause confusion over the depth of affiliation between its areas. As in much of the rest of England, people tend to have a deeper affiliation to their county or city. Thus, residents of Essex are unlikely to feel much affinity with people in Oxfordshire. Similarly, there is a strong distinction between natives of the south-west and south-east.



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