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Bürgenstock, Switzerland.

Bürgenstock, Switzerland.

The Bürgenstock is a famous mountain in Switzerland (1,127.8 m above sea level) located on the eponymous peninsula Bürgenstock, in the middle of Lake Lucerne. Bürgenstock is also a famous village located at 874 m a.s.l. on the same mountain. The lookout point at the summit of the Bürgenstock offers an extraordinarily beautiful and famous view, for the mountain is almost entirely surrounded by Lake Lucerne.
The peninsula, the mountain and the village Bürgenstock are among the most visited tourist destinations in Switzerland.
The small resort town of "Bürgenstock" can be reached by a mountain road as well as with the Bürgenstock Funicular which starts from the boat landing pier at Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock on Lake Lucerne. The summit of the Bürgenstock can be reached from the village by means of a cliff-side path followed by the famous Hammetschwand Elevator.
In the glamorous world of cinema and culture of the 20th century, the peninsula Bürgenstock achieved worldwide fame as a retreat and holiday place for well-known actors, producers and artists. Among others reasons, the village of Bürgenstock became famous in the media because Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer at the Bürgenstock Chapel in 1954. Sophia Loren, her husband Carlo Ponti and also Audrey Hepburn housed in private villas on the Bürgenstock.
Famous artists who spent their holidays on the peninsula include Charlie Chaplin, Sergej Rachmaninow, Georges Simenon, Shirley MacLaine, and Yul Brynner. A number of politicians, like Konrad Adenauer, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Kofi Annan and Golda Meir, as well as prominent personalities from the business world, came in search of rest and leisure on the Bürgenstock.
The Bürgenstock is a mountain ridge that stretches over 10 km and is surrounded to the North, East and South-East by Lake Lucerne. The northern slope drops very steeply into the lake. On and at the bottom of the southern slope is the township of Ennetbürgen; Stansstad is situated at the bottom of the western end. For the most part, the mountain belongs to the community of Ennetbürgen in the canton of Kanton Nidwalden. The western part belongs to the community of Stansstad. A part of the northern steep drop into the Lake is an exclave of the city of Luzern.



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