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Trolltunga, Odda, Norway.

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway.

Trolltunga is a piece of rock "hanging" horizontally out of the mountain about 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal close to Tyssedal by the Sørfjorden of the Hardanger Fjord in the municipality of Odda, Norway. The name translated to English is The Troll's tongue.
The Troll Tongue is available for hikers from approximately mid-June to mid-September. It is located 17 kilometres from city centre in Odda, Hordaland, a county in Western Norway. The city of Bergen, the second largest in Norway, is located about 190 kilometres from the site. On national road 13 you turn eastward in Tyssedalen away from the fjord, up towards Hardangervidda and drive the narrow but good road about 7 km up Skjeggedal. The road to the site ends at a parking facility near the dam at the end of Ringedalsvatnet 443 meters above sea level. Here you can park the car where 'Mågelibanen' (a trolley car) starts. The trolley line is no longer in operation due to new EEA directives. The path up to 'Måglitoppen' start on the right of the cart path on the stairwell. There is a well used but steep trail that rises about 410 meters up the first 1.5 kilometers up to the Måglitopp. Here the track surfaces slightly out before raising up 'Gryteskaret', another 330 meters to the highest point on the first part of the route 4 kilometers from the startingpoint, at 'Trombåskaret' 1183 meters above sealevel.
The next 7 kilometres the track evens out with a beautiful outview sloping down towards 'Store Floren', getting sight of the drop towards the valley floor containing Ringedalsvatnet and an increasing number of glimpses by the 'Folgefonna' glacier in the west. Here you also find the typical mountain vegetation of small plants and flowers. Here there are masonry remains after a stable for horses used by plant construction operations for power development in the early 1900's. There is running water and a nice picnic area. Now walking along the edge for some kilometers, continue over 'Hesteflåene' and the dried out river 'Endåno', where you can see quite clearly traces of the construction activities. The path continues steeply up to 'Endanuten' the higest passage of 1214 meters above sea level, and as you cross the dried out river to 'Tyssetrengene'. This was a twin waterfall of 300 meters free fall (Norway's highest). These two waterfalls were constructed and placed in tubes in 1967. It is recommended to take a detour to the edge and look down towards 'Ringedalsvatnet'. The path goes on through lunar like landscape of 'Jettegryter', Glacial potholes, coming up past 'Tysshøl' which is dammed up and contains a nice beach, you will approch 'Trolltunga'. You may step out on it, but take care.
There are many other spectacular viewpoints around 'Ringedalsvatnet' and half an hour walk to the south, you find 'Prekestolen' (the pulpit - not the one inn 'Ryfylke'!). Approximately 5 minutes walk to the south there is the cottage 'Reinaskorsbu', but it closed down in 2013. From the area it is possible to reach other cottages on the western 'Hardangervidda' plateau, like 'Tyssevassbu', 'Kvanntjønsbu' and 'Mosdalsbu'. The view from the Troll Tongue is mildly spectacular, and the feeling when you step on the Tongue is an adventure you will remember for a long time. Here is an amazing aerial view, and the hike in the mountains to Trolltunga is a 8-10 hours walk bouth ways, about 22 kilometers, with a height difference of about 900 meters. On the way you will meet with tourists from all parts of the world. There has been an explosive growth in the number of tourists who want to see the rock formation. Four year ago, there was maybe 500 visitors during all summer, but now we can have up to 500 visitors a day.



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