Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ryugyong Hotel. Pyongyang, North Korea.

Ryugyong Hotel. Pyongyang, North Korea.

The Ryugyong Hotel is a 105-story pyramid-shaped skyscraper under construction in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its name ("capital of willows") is also one of the historical names for Pyongyang. The building is also known as the 105 Building, a reference to its number of floors. Construction began in 1987 but was halted in 1992 as North Korea entered a period of economic crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union.
After 1992 the building stood topped out, but without any windows or interior fittings. In 2008 construction resumed. In 2012, the exterior was reported to be complete. The opening of the hotel was scheduled several times but postponed.
The Ryugyong Hotel has been the subject of derision and mockery by some of the press outside of North Korea, who have referred to the hotel as "The Worst Building in the History of Mankind" and the "Hotel of Doom."



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