Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vineyards on the Lake Geneva, Vaud, Switzerland.

Vineyards on the Lake Geneva, Vaud, Switzerland.

Swiss wine is produced from nearly 15 000 hectares of vineyards, and the wines are mainly produced in the west and in the south of Switzerland, in the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Valais and Vaud. White grapes varieties are grown on 42% of the country's vineyard surface, and red grape varieties on 58%.According to data from the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture,the Swiss wine production in 2009 was just over 1.1 million hectoliters, divided into 527 000 hl of white wine and 587 000 hl of red wine.Nearly all the national production is drunk within the national boundaries;less than 2% of the wine is exported. Switzerland ranks in the top 10 of per capita consumption of wine and as of 1983 imported two thirds of it, including more Beaujolais than the United States.The tradition of wine and viticulture in Switzerland is very old, at minimum from the Roman era.The first bottle, made in ceramic, was found near Sembrancher, in a Celtic tomb of a lady of 2nd century BC. An inscription on the bottle indicates that it contained wine. Around the 150s BC, in the Celtic era, the people in Valais offered wine to the dead, and probably they also drank the same wine. After a century, the Roman amphorae also appeared.



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